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Best Masticating Juicer 2019 (Top Juicer Reviews and Comparison)

There are broadly three main types of juicers available. Centrifugal juicers that crush the fruits into pulp with help of blades and extract the juice out of the pulp with a sieve. The second category is called Triturating juicers. These juicers are fitted with two gears that help to crush the fruit and press the juice out of it. The third category is the Masticating juicer that ‘chews’ fruit to a pulp before squeezing out the juice. The Triturating juicers or twin geared juicers can also be classified as a best masticating juicer.

Bestselling Top Masticating Juicer Models

There are many masticating juicers available in the market of various brands. Here we will discuss the major ones.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer


It is very user-friendly and has earned great reviews. It has a powerful commercial motor. The speed of the motor is 80 RPM. These are little risks of foaming, clogging, or over-heating. It extracts most of the juice out of the fruit or vegetable. It has a system of auto pulp-ejection function that helps in continuous juicing. There are two stages for thorough juicing as a result juice yield is quite high. The operation is quite. It’s UL- and cUL are approved. The warranty is for long 10 years. A fifteen years warranty can be bought with the juicer also.

Kuvings GMPD3530U Multi-Purpose Masticating Juicer


It is a 170 watt juicer that is fitted with powerful motor. It also has microscopic juice extraction technology. The low-speed spiral-screw mechanism helps to preserve the nutritional value and flavor of the juice. The unit allows quiet operation. It is helpful for juicing fruits and vegetables, shredding, preparing ice cream and grinding. It is easy to clean.

Lexen Electric Healthy Juicer


It is particularly designed to juice wheatgrass, fruits and vegetables. It can also make pastas, desserts and sorbets. You can also make soy milk, baby food and more with this unit. Its speed is 76 RPM. It has an auger that helps to preserve the valuable nutrients. It is equipped with a motor of 2.63 Horsepower that easily extracts the juice. It runs on a single gear and is available with 8 year warranty on the motor.

Champion Juicer G5-NG853S-SILVER Household Juicer


It is a heavy dutyjuicer for fruits and vegetables. It has a juicing screen, sieve, blank screen, large whole screen and grain mill. It is fitted with 1.75″ Diameter Feed Tube, 1725 RPMs, 540 Watt Motor. It has 10-year limited warranty.

Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer


This juicer uses the innovative magnetic and Bio-Cermmic technology. The juice it produces stay well longer. It is effective in juicing wheatgrass, fruits, Vegetables and more. It rotates a low speed of 160 rpm. It has powerful twin gear impeller and there is no risk of overheating. It has a limited warranty of 10 years on motors and 5 years on parts.

Samson GB-9001 Multipurpose Single Gear Juicer


It is equipped with a single auger design that is very effective for juicing wheatgrass and leafy greens. Its speed is 80 0RPPM. It can also extract juice from all types of fruits and vegetables. It is extremely user-friendly in terms of operating and cleaning. It is available with limited warranty of 10-year on motor and 5-year warranty on operational parts.

How does a masticating juicer work?

The innovation and the clever design behind the masticating juicer is superb. As the name ‘masticating’ suggests, these juicers work in the same way as our mouth does when we munch vegetables or fruits. They crush the liquid out of the fruit or vegetable with a brute force and leave a dry pulp behind. The process is little slow compared to normal juicers. There are single gear masticating juicers and doubled geared too. In a masticating juicer there are two hard surfaces. These two surfaces help to grind and chew the fiber out of the plants. This is done at a slower speed than a normal juicer.

Compare Centrifugal Juicer and Masticating Juicer

A masticating juicer takes almost 1 minute to produce a glass full of juice which a normal juicer can do in 10 seconds. This helps in securing more goodness out the fruit or vegetable. In a normal juicer that works on the centrifugal principle, the juice is spun out of the fruit. In a masticating juicer, the juice is squeezed out. The juice as result has a greater flavor and nutritional value. Sometimes a high-speed juicer ends up damaging the living enzymes in the juice that helps to repair and regenerate the damaged cells in your body. Most of them produce aerated juice that goes off in 24 hours. The masticating juicers are highly recommended by health enthusiasts.
Typical juicers extract juices by chopping the fruit with a flat cutting blade spinning at high speeds to separate juice from pulp (like a washing machine). Most of these juicers tend to be noisy. They also are not very efficient to extract nutrients and the oxidation tends to destroy the enzyme because of the high-speed spinning. To counteract this disadvantage of the centrifugal juicer, the masticating juicer usually uses a low-speed powerful motor to thoroughly squeeze out the juice that is similar to chewing. This helps keep the enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients intact in the masticating juicer. The best part is – there is no clogging, no foaming and no heat build in a masticating juicer. And the good news is, it is not just making juices, a masticating juicer can be used making peanut butter, grinding coffee, mincing herbs and making pasta! These multi-purpose masting juicers are able to make delicious homemade spreads out of peanuts, cashews, almonds and almost any other nuts and seeds.

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Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System Review

  • Make a whole week of solid, nutritious infant nourishment in under 5 minutes
  • Incorporates force base, clump dish, infant mix sharpened steel, processing cutting edge, simple pop silicone cluster plate
  • 6-date dial stockpiling mugs, spatula, 1 short mug, 1 stay new resealable cover and tip confirmation plate, client manual and formula book, pocket nutritionist
  • Make and store infant sustenance in bunches with bunch devices and the helpful, dated capacity framework
I regularly don’t compose surveys, yet there weren’t any for this item and being a first-time mother myself, I need to verify somebody discovers mine extremely informative.As such, I appreciate utilizing my child enchantment slug. I was mulling over between this item and the Baby Baeba and I am so happy I spared the additional cash! (I went to Buybuy Baby and utilized the 20% coupon so 20% off of $59.95 is such an arrangement!) Granted, the Baeba is likewise a steamer, however, I can steam my own food…the additional step is not a major ordeal to me as it might be for others. Plus, it's not like you need to utilize a colossal pot…just a medium pot is suffice for an entire clump. The main insurances are 

1. Verify you screw on the base firmly. I must have not, and the base spilled into the real blender. I didn’t wipe it up immediately and it became scarce in the push-down system of the blender making it stick effortlessly. There are 3 “push-down systems” along the edge of the projectile and the issue with it staying is that, clearly, when you need to quit mixing and let go, it can in any case continue mixing until the “push down component” gradually ascends. I simply needed to clean it up by utilizing a screwdriver to push it here and there until it was “sticky free” again and now it works like new once more! (I verified it was unplugged obviously while cleaning).

2. Verify you DO NOT fill past the max line. There is not a line drawn out, yet I must have packed it past this nonexistent line and when I began to mix with the cover on, it at first reached out the spout and the sides. this can be awful if the sustenance is still hot. In this way, I simply made a point to hold up until the sustenance was chilled off. Then again, simply verify you cut the nourishment into little pieces (1/2″ x 1/2″).

Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer Review

  • Steam, cleave/pureé and bottle hotter capacities; 4-mug work dish
  • Patent-pending Blade lock System holds the cutting edge set up while pouring
  • Steam razor sharp edge makes even steam dispersion for speedier, more productive results
  • Dish seal to forestall spitting and enhance steaming; Powerful engine for brisk steaming and exact hacking
  • Formula booklet, spatula, bottle connector ring and incorporated measuring mug incorporated
  • 18-month guarantee
I determined before my little girl was destined to make my own child nourishment for her when the time came. I read surveys for each other child sustenance creator I could discover. So why did I wind up purchasing a model that had not yet been investigated, and was moderately costly contrasted with the other, more basic infant nourishment producers?First and foremost, I was searching for something superlatively proficient. I needed predictable results from a minimal machine. 

At the cost I was ready to pay, the Cuisinart brand is a demonstrated entertainer, and this machine satisfies the name. As a matter of fact, I’ve just had it a few weeks and utilized it a couple times, yet I’m exceptionally content with the outcomes in this way. I’ve taken after the bearings precisely regarding water sum and the span of the diced nourishment I put into be steamed, and the subsequent puree has been splendidly predictable. 

I likewise love the proficiency of having all the steaming and pureeing in one dish – simply turning a 3-position dial couldn’t be simpler.I haven’t utilized the jug warming capacity on this or any similar machine.I like the size – it's about the measure of a little espresso creator, in the same way as you may discover in an inn room. It has a little foot shaped impression and is unimposing on the ledge – it doesn’t shout ‘infant apparatus.’ I’d cherish a model in dark or stainless, yet I’m not sufficiently insane about feel to psyche

Top Baby Food Maker Reviews

Infantino Squeeze Station Review

  • Incorporates 1 press station, 3 tubes, 1 press and 10 crush pockets
  • Delicate elastic press takes into consideration simple grasp
  • Non slide base
  • Holds up to 4 ounce of your custom made puree
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Incorporates 1-press station, 3-tubes, 1-press and 10-crush pockets
  • Holds up to 4 oz. of your custom made puree
These custom made child nourishment pockets are heavenly! At to start with, I purchased the refill pack just and utilized a channeling tip and ziploc sack to fill them. It was feasible, however sort of an agony. It takes sufficiently long to make child nourishment, particularly when you’re dealing with an infant in the meantime. I would prefer not to invest additional time attempting to make sense of how to pipe it into the minor gush just to spare a couple of bucks. I did that once and backpedaled to purchase the crush station – completely justified, despite all the trouble!I had been doing the ice block plate technique for putting away my bunches of natively constructed infant nourishment, however, they take excessively long to defrost on the go. And still, at the end of the day, the child nourishment compartments continued blasting in my diaper pack (fun!). These are great on the go – I simply get one from the cooler, pop it into my diaper pack, and its for the most part defrosted when I need it. If not, I can run it under a hot tap or request some boiling hot water.


  • Easy to gather/utilization
  • Easy to clean (take the top and base off the Squeeze station, wipe it clean; pop the tubes in the dishwasher)
  • Not too awfully lavish (refill packs are 50 for $17; less in the event that you have Babies R Us coupons, which I generally do)


  • Can be untidy (the infant sustenance presses out of the top when you’re filling the packs now and again, and the plunger gets suctioned down at the base hauling the nourishment out of the sack when you attempt to concentrate the plunger)
  • Bags are not reusable

Beaba Babycook – Sorbet Review

This item was intended to work on 120V ONLY. In the event that the item is utilized with an electrical converter or delivered outside the US/ Canada, the Beaba restricted 1-year guarantee is voidI cherish this contraption. Smaller, in with no reservations one, simple to utilize, FOOL PROOF, and … provides for me the CONFIDENCE to make my infant’s sustenance.

I’ve perused huge amounts of web surveys and web journals about this item, and depreciators appear to miss/misconstrue my “classification” of the mother. I cook when I can. I heat when I find the opportunity, however… generally, I don't have sufficient energy or certainty to force it off anything ‘new’… Also, clean up different utensils!Such a large number of web journals out there berate the Beaba purchasers for squandering cash -letting us know to purchase shabby steamer embeds and tidy off our blenders, nourishment processors and sustenance factories… 

For my first child, I listened to these mothers (and the Beaba wasn't in the USA yet). I purchased the sustenance factory; I hauled out the steamer embed… furthermore.. I solidified. My child consumed NOTHING BUT JARRED (natural) FOOD! till she could bite the sustenances in my safe place. Infant sustenance, all the prep and the coordination of all these devices was all so overwhelming. I was frightened I’d miss the point… then again couldn't keep sufficiently sterile… alternately would become mixed up in all the heaps of things I’d need to clean after every prep!!

At that point THE Beaba! Little to clean, nothing to get wrong, no burrowing through drawers and juggling machines in my restricted space! I LOVE IT! Call me a good-for-nothing mother! At the same time, dont call me pointless with cash!! Natural Baby sustenance is $1.10 a container and my child would experience 4-6 a day. I’ve had my Beaba for 6 weeks, and it's as of now paid for itself.BTW, you can change the consistency to your child’s taste as he develops. I figure soon I’ll simply be utilizing it to steam, not mix. 

Also… I uncertainty it will be a changeless apparatus in my kitchen! Anyhow … its paid for itself! Carrots smell like carrots!!! what’s more … it's provided for me a certainty that I trust stretches out to other culinary activities! Good-for-nothing mothers, purchase it.

NUK Smoothie and Baby Food Maker Review

I make infant sustenance constantly, so this is something I’ve been needing. The distinction between my enormous blender and this is that I can make a littler measure of child sustenance without a moment’s delay.

In my Vitamix blender, I need to make a huge amount of child nourishment or it doesn’t get sufficiently pureed, the organic product gets stuck underneath the cutting edges if there is insufficient in it – however it takes a group of compartments to keep it all and the infant would like to consume the same sustenance consistently (I just have 12 stockpiling 3D shapes).

Thus, this blender size is ideal for a littler measure of sustenance. Children don’t consume that much!It’s an effective blender. I’m ready to blend pieces of fruit with chicken, solidified bananas and blueberries, any natural product, with either water or almond milk. It wrenches rapidly with no issues.

It’s a press to begin and quit squeezing when you need it to quit mixing.This set accompanies both a blender best that you can mix and afterward pour into the child nourishment mugs (2 oz every) or a smoothie top that you can make the smoothie into.

It is BPA free plastic, however, make a point to absorb all parts sudsy boiling hot water before utilization to get the compound smell off.I do truly like this blender bundle. 20 pieces incorporate covers, the edges, and the manual. It would make an awesome child nourishment blessing as more mothers like me aren’t obtaining market infant sustenance.

10 Creative Ideas to Reuse Baby Food Jars

With a baby in the home, you probably have amassed quite a collection of empty baby food jars with your bin overflowing with these little glass jars. Those dainty, cute containers can be easily recycled to create utility or decor items instead of tossing them in the bin.

Here are 10 creative ideas about what you can do with those jars

1) Turn them into spice jars.

The sizes of these jars are just right to store spices for your kitchen. You can paint the jars and just stand on shelf.

2) Turn them into Cute storage Items

These jars are excellent storage solutions for any small items you may have like hair clips, buttons, small jewelry items. You can easily make them look pretty and label the jars to know what is in what.

3) Turn them to Kid’s Craft Organizer

With these simple jar organizers, train your kids to keep all their crayons, markers, pencils and other little crafts neat and tidy in one place.

4) Turn them to cute Planters

It’s an easy project to do! The glass planter looks so beautiful with a different color from the flowers. You can add some tea lights which would create lovely lighting as well.

5) Use them To grow herb and spices

This is a great idea to use those glass jars, especially for us, the city dwellers.

Wondering where you kept your garlic powder or paprika? Use the jars as magnetic spice jars with labels and stop wasting time in the kitchen looking for your infrequently used spices.

7) Convert them to cute decorative candles
If use loves using candles around the house or setup for a romantic evening, you will love this idea. Easy to do!

8) Convert them to Party favor goodie jar

It’s a great party favor idea for birthdays and baby shower. It’s an excellent idea for saving money at the same time for a unique gift item.

9) Convert to Under-the-shelf storage container

If physical storage space is an issue for you, you will love with this idea!

10) Transform to Lego goodie jars

Here’s another party favor idea. Fill the jars with Lego bricks for an awesome party favor.